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“Care for the Earth and the Earth will Care for You!” This thought echoed in my mind, haunting my every moment of meditative query into the direction of my life. Beloved friends suggested others may love to know how to create a Sacred Geometry Gardens, thus my quest to convey the marvelous, magical interplay of ancient mystery school teachings, the Flower of Life, Feng Shui, elemental enhancements, interdenominational spirituality, modern cutting-edge science ~ physics and beyond organic research with practical, down-to-earth application in our lives!

“Cheryl Gama has written a most remarkable book that has thoroughly inspired me to be more conscious and creative in my gardening. It is not only very practical, but elicits the heart and soul necessary to companion with our earth. I would recommend this wise and well written offering to anyone serious about gardening.” ~ Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. Author of “Playing In the Unified Field, Raising and Becoming Conscious, Creative Human Beings”

Sacred Geometry Gardens, at its core, is a beautifully illustrated, hands-on / how-to presentation of practical, organic gardening methods that produce nutrient-dense “superfoods” at home on any size plot of land.

How-to passionately plant our gardens with love, gratitude and intention activating Sacred Geometry patterns (mandalas) while applying Feng Shui, permaculture, sustainability, inter-cropping, crop rotation, chanting (mantra), companion planting, more effective use of space and water, sheet mulching, spirituality, elemental enhancements, science and unity consciousness.

Every page of this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide sows inspiring thought seeds of holistic garden wisdom that encourage the reader towards optimal health for the Earth, for their garden and for themselves.

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