Cheryl Gama

Conscious Creator, Visionary Artist, Mystic Musician

things you might like to know…

“Essentially the Sacred Geometry Garden is a medicine wheel, a place of power, prayer, meditation and creation. A place to connect with the very essence of the earth and source creation.” ~ Cheryl Leigh Gama

Cheryl Leigh Gama is a free-spirited visionary whose art creates dynamic transformation with attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Her professional career spans twenty-nine years and her fine art, illustrations, graphic designs, photography, sacred geometry, mandalas, murals and music reside in collections worldwide. Cheryl´s prayerful expression of the dance between spirit and nature manifests in her innovative inspirations.

Currently living in paradise, on the Big Island of Hawaii, Cheryl cultivates an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Camping in the wilderness for many years developed her intimate connection with nature – and living in harmony with cats, dolphins, whales and other wild animals (including humans) brings insight, compassion and love to her paintings, mystic music, and Sacred Geometry Gardens … opening new awarenesses, stirring ancient memories.

Cheryl’s accomplishments include her career as a professional musical muse – flute, guitar, voice and percussion – and she loves inspiring audiences with ‘the Bhakti Tribe Live Experience’ of improvisational music, as well as her original heartsongs. She joyfully leads inter-denominational devotional ‘Kirtan’ (chanting ancient prayers and mantras) and the ‘Dances of Universal Peace’. Celebrating her Celtic ancestry, Cheryl performs lively traditional Irish music with a local ensemble of multi-talented musicians called the ‘Kona Celtic Connection’.

Cheryl is also recognized as an inspiring motivational speaker/teacher and has served on the Board of Directors of the Kona Chapter of Toastmasters International. She is available to give keynote presentations, classes, and playshops on Art, Sacred Geometry, The Heart of Organic Gardening, Growing Superfood, Conscious Creation, Musing and Music.

And…Cheryl is now an author! Her new book, ‘Sacred Geometry Gardens ~ The Heart of Gardening’, uniquely blends her modern insights with a marvelous myriad of ancient wisdom and organic gardening techniques. Planting ‘Organic Thought Seeds to Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit’… she enthusiastically shares ‘How-to Grow Abundant Superfood Infused with the Essence of Life!’