This Ground-breaking New Book
Organic Thought Seeds to
Mind, Body and Spirit.

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A “WHOLE” New Approach to Gardening
Illuminates the Interdependent Tapestry of Life!

‘Sacred Geometry Gardens: The Heart of Superfood Gardening’ intentionally weaves Advanced Quantum Physics (Nassim Haramein’s Unification Theory), Super Soil Nutrition (Beyond Organic Research by Jana Bogs, PhD.), Sacred Geometry, Ancient Wisdom (from Feng Shui Masters and Daoist traditions), Native Spirit / Shamanic Teachings (Honoring the Spirit in Nature), Chanting and Companion Planting creatively together with a common rainbow thread of simple, practical, down-to-earth application in our gardens and in all our relations. An easy-to-understand recipe full of organic thoughts to enhance and enrich every aspect of life by producing higher quality food and improving relations with all our relations, especially with our beautiful Mother Earth!